About me 303-641-7829

Been in Boulder since 1988 and love Boulder for what it truly is———whacky Boulder! I ski too much, I bike too much, and try and go hiking as much as possible!!   Happily married and loving life!!!!   Worked in the Nuclear industry for 20 years and also worked the Ski Patrol in the Winters for about 15 years. Got ambushed in the Dot.com BOMB blow up during 2000-2001 and ended up driving a CAB that I very much enjoy where I run my mouth and people hand me money!!!!! My kind of Job!!!!!

PS if its SNOWING hard, I will be SKIING!

PSS MY schedule is pretty much usually Tuesday through Sunday DAYTIME but have night drivers in upper right corner U can call late at night …….>IF you get the voice Mail, call right back , the spotty CELL coverage of Boulder——-Could be up OUT of Cell Coverage in the foothills though!