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November 30, 2010

Book Your Trip in Boulder 303-641-7829

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its easy and direct with the driver 303-641-7829 Days

if early morning, ie vampire shift, call Todd 970-390-8780

November 29, 2010

Talk Direct to Taxi Driver 303-641-7829

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why use confusing dispatch when U can talk directly to the driver in Boulder ??? 303-641-7829

nice 9% move UP in APWR today

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hey, a Short Squeeze coming on APWR ???

Settlement Date


 Short Interest


 Avg Daily Share Volume


 Days To Cover









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November 21, 2010

Boulder Taxi to DIA

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why talk to a dispatcher when U can talk  directly to your driver??


early AM hours 970-390-8780

early AM hours 303 641 5788

enjoy the HOLIDAYS and easy travel

November 4, 2010

Talk to your driver Direct 303-641-7829

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so easy in Boulder to talk DIRECT to the Driver 303-641-7829

China Announces 5 Year Energy Plan

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for some of U who have ridden with me, this is exactly WHY U own APWR for the long term future………..this is CHINA and CHINA is going much much greener

Beijing. According to the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-15), an energy development plan recently drafted by the Chinese government, China will accelerate the construction of hydropower and nuclear facilities and actively expand the utilization of renewable energies–such as wind power, solar energy and biomass energy–during the next five years, said Jinag Bin, the Director of the Development and Planning Department of the National Energy Administration, at an energy research forum held in Beijing on October 30.

According to the plan, the proportion of natural gas in the energy mix will improve by 4.4%, and the proportion of hydropower and nuclear power will improve by 1.5%, and the proportion of wind power, solar energy and biomass energy will improve by 1.8%.

Based on this achievement, the proportion of non-fossil energy in the energy mix will be more than 11%, and the proportion of coal in primary consumption will be reduced from 70% in 2009 to about 63% in 2010.

Regarding the energy strategy, China will control the overall coal consumption in the east region during the 12th Five-Year Plan, according to Jiang. Coal-fired power will be strictly controlled in the area surrounding the Bohai Sea; the Changjiang River Delta; the Pearl River Delta; and part of the northeast region. Power plants constructed in the east region will be mainly nuclear power and gas-fired power.

The overall primary energy consumption in China will be in a range of 4 billion to 4.2 billion metric tons of standard coal in 2015. According to the statistics, the overall primary energy consumption in China reached 3.07 billion metric tons of standard coal, which was 30% higher than the volume in 2005.

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November 2, 2010

Book Your DIA Trip Direct 303-641-7829

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speak directly to your cab driver and make sure there are NO screw ups or mis understandings……….travel in ZEN Peace wherever U are flying  303-641-7829

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