China Going to Spend 700 Billion on Green Energy

and U wonder why I like APWR so much ???

Report Says China Ready to Invest $739 billion In ‘Newly Developing Energy Industries” By 2020. [COMMENTARY] “The government in China – concerned with issues of security, economic prosperity and keeping a growing population content – has made spending on green initiatives a top priority. China contributed US$200 billion of the $521 billion in stimulus money set aside for cleantech initiatives worldwide…with more on the way?”

China appears not to have the financially constrained problem of the West concerning green energy development. Green-ethical investors should read this special report, “Cleantech Innovation in China” by Cleantech.
The Chinese Cleantech Market, September 3, 2010, Cleantech, USA

Buffs Smash and Trash CSU 24-3

One Victory down, 10 more to go!!! Loved the Choadettes I took to the game…………zero clue about football but they were looking for Booze using the ole cut off T Shirt idea…………Invesco was rocking!