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June 30, 2010

Taxi in Boulder 303-641-7829

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talk directly to your driver 303-641-7829

Local Boulder Company and 500 Million Wind Farm

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Tesla Taxi to IPO in Boulder, Colorado

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just watching the Tesla IPO and if they can raise money and lose money, why cant I get a few Boulder Yuppies to back me and we will begin the dynasty in Boulder, Colorado!

The Tesla DOES ROCKET, got to ride one at the Democratic Convention in Denver…………very sporty and VERY EXPENSIVE!!!  Ok, back to reality and real world

When will the GREEN YUPPIES of Boulder buy Wind Stocks that are PROFITABLE and will grow ??  AMSC, APWR, Vestas

June 29, 2010

Getting a TAXI in Boulder 303-641-7829

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pretty easy to call the driver DIRECTLY and speak to the person picking U up and your time frame……….late late night, call the night drivers on upper right corner under Night Drivers

June 28, 2010

Clean Cool Cabs in Boulder Colorado to DIA

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Ride in style and book in advance 303-641-7829

10 years in business and actually speaks ENGLISH and takes a shower!  What a novel concept for some Taxi Drivers heh ???

Summer Hours for Boulder Taxi Cab

303-641-7829 and speak to the driver direct

Book your DIA trip in advance from Boulder or surrounding suburbs to DIA and take your trip in confidence these guys been doing this for 10 years and have NEVER EVER missed an airport trip and we dont plan on making you our first miss!

Why Search for a Taxi in Boulder , Colorado

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just call 303-641-7829 and speak directly to the Drivers

late night, call Todd at 970-390-8780  or Bruce at 303-641-5788

its that easy to get a nice clean cab and professional service!

June 25, 2010

#lohasforum Boulder to DIA

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call (303) 641-7829 and mention code ””Wind Power Rocks”” for best pricing and using the Twitter #lohasforum code

Boulder Yellow Cab Boulder to DIA

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(303) 641-7829  Call and speak with your driver, please try and call in advance but even at 3am, U can book if U click on NIGHT drivers phone numbers upper right corner

June 21, 2010

LOHAS Activities in Boulder

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BigRedF Restaurants all WIND POWERED so why not go to great Centro, WestEnd Tavern, Zolo’s , or the Walnut Brewery and put down a few brewski’s and enjoy Boulder……….Wind Power Wins and LOHAS knows the drill on supporting sustainable!

303 641-7829 for a Taxi Ride

late late night, 970-390-8780

or Bruce 303-641-5788

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