Getting a Taxi Ride and Wind Power Investing Advice

if anyone wants my PICK for 2010 and beyond in Wind Power, well , its APWR at todays price

get ready for a ROCKET to go up March 31st

this was from my post October 13th, 2008 and we did 67% that day alone

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Delete Post Edit Blog Posts Today was a happy day in renewable sunshine/wind history…………most wind stocks UP 17% today!!!!
APWR was UP 67% today alone……..and more to come with a p/e of 3, APWR is a screaming BUY with China leading the world of WIND!!!!

APWR could be the next VESTAS of Wind Power down the road into 2010. Seven Wind Farms in China for 2000 MW while manufacturing the turbines with Furlandher onsite in China backed by China government could be a Wind Wind situation for 2010. Until 2010 and this credit crisis passes, any price is going to be felt and experienced by current investors.

In addition, in order to provide its customers with customized wind energy generation solutions, A-Power has reserved the right to development of 7 wind farms located in the premium wind belts in China with a total output capacity of over 2GW. Wherever possible, A-Power will be able to deliver to its customers both wind turbines and fully installed wind farms to, together with its customers, meet the ever increasing demand for alternative energy in the China market.

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