Nevada Chosen as New APWR Wind Production Facility

At 13:00 pm EDT on Dec. 16, 2009 at Kennedy Center in Washington DC, Shenyang Power Group, US renewable energy group and US Cielo wind power group jointly held an official signing ceremony for establishment of the joint venture, wind turbine purchase contract and EPC contract for building & operating the 600mw wind farm. Mr. Lu Jinxiang, chairman of SPG and Mr. Walter Hornaday, CEO of US Cielo group signed the above contracts on behalf of the parties of this joint venture.
Not only does this signing ceremony produce the biggest Sino-US joint venture in new energy so far, but also it symbolizes the cooperation among the investing parties has made a material step forward. Based on the agreement, the joint venture will start constructing a 600mw wind farm in Texas at the beginning of next year and A Power will supply 600 mw wind turbines in line with the building progress of the wind farm.
The deputy mayor of Shenyang city Mr. Yang Yazhou has attended the signing ceremony.
After the ceremony, US Senator of Nevada, also the majority leader at senate Mr. Harry Reid met with mayor Yang Yazhou at the capitol hill, expressing his congratulations on the official signing ceremony and his welcome and support for the joint venture choosing Nevada to base its the wind turbine assembly facility.
The Chinese ambassador plenipotentiary and extraordinary to US Mr. Zhou Wenzhong participated the meeting too with his congratulations on the successful signing of agreements.
Also being present at the ceremony and meeting there were COO of A Power Mr. John Lin, from US renewable group managing director Mr. Cappy McGarr, two managing partners Mr. Ed Cunningham who is also the senior consultant of US president and Mr. Moses Boyd former trade consultant at US senate, and CEO of US Cielo group Mr. Walter Hornaday.