Owning APWR Before Earnings Print

where else but in Boulder can U get investment advice from a whacked wind cab driver ???

The point I am trying to make is this.
Many individual investors and institutional investors may be concerned that APWR may not meet street EPS expectations in Q3. They may be right. So these investors will hold their stock buying for the Q3 earnings release. They will hope for some stock price weakness, and then buy the news. They will buy because if they were paying attention, this is what they will know.
1) They will know that APWR has produced a steady flow of MOUs, contracts, and agreements, securing the future revenue flow. Seventeen DPG projects are in work. Seventy wind turbines are, or will be, in production this year. The joint venture with GE is well underway. The Shenyang Power Group has its’ first two MOUs, and the size of those two potential contracts are nothing less than spectacular. APWR has a couple of component supply agreements and the two “full responsibility” wind farm contracts in China. New biomass contracts have been signed. A solar undertaking is about to unfold etc.
2) They will know that the APWR Q3 numbers are reflective of the kinds of performance numbers that the street has been demanding. Q3 will deliver record revenue and record dollar earnings even if street EPS estimates are not met. Q4 will be even better with the first revenue from wind turbines gracing the income statement. The APWR vision, which has been clouded by contract delays and component shortages, is about to re-emerge with an exciting clarity.
3) They will know that FY 2010, with its accelerating turbine revenue in both China and the U.S., and the growing DPG revenue including Macau, will shatter the numbers on previous income statements and define the success story that is APWRs.
4) When looking for investment success, these investors will know they should look to China, which has the worlds’ third largest economy, the fastest growing economy, and the second largest level of energy consumption in the world. APWR is in China.
They will know to look at the alternative energy industry because we must revolutionize the methods with which energy is provided to us all. APWR is in that industry.
They will know they must focus on a company with a highly-skilled engineering team, proven management, strong government relationships, strong ties to industrial industries in China, and with access to university scientific research. APWR has all of that. And now, APWR has established a significant presence in the good old U.S.A.
5) They will know we have entered a new bull stock market coupled with recovering world economies. Investors are returning and they are looking for value. APWRs sleeping analysts have helped hand us that value.
6) They will know that all of the above will bring an expanding PE ratio to APWR and will prompt the analysts to deliver real world EPS projections.
7) And finally, they will know that the APWR stock price will transcend to a level which will exceed most expectations.


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