APWR signs TEXAS 1.5 Billion Wind Farm Deal

For those that have ridden with me and heard me go on and on an on about CHINA WIND POWER, well , the PROOF is in the pudding!


this is the GAME CHANGER I was talking about to change lives that see the vision!


Studded Snow Tires on the Taxi

We have STUDDED SNOW TIRES all the way around and even on the front of the Crown Vics to be able to steer around danger ! 24 Inches in Boulder right now and still snowing…………OUT OF MY WAY to DIA!!!

Snowstorm Pounds Colorado Rockies, EPIC Ski Season Coming !

well, ladies and gentlemen, IF U ever thought about coming to the rockies for a Ski Trip, this is the year of the early season DEALS and BIG DUMPS!!!! We can carry U around Boulder while U here adjusting to the altitude but on POWDER DAYS, ”””””’FAWGETABOUTIT”””, we on ski sick days!

DENVER – A slow-moving autumn storm showed no signs of letting up in Colorado and the western Plains on Thursday, blanketing areas already buried with as much as 3 feet, closing schools and businesses and delaying flights.

Roads across Colorado and Wyoming were snow-packed and icy from the first big winter storm of the season in the West, and the snow’s not likely to let up anytime soon. The storm spread a blanket of white from northern Utah’s Wasatch Front to western Nebraska’s northern border with South Dakota.

“There’s definitely some adverse driving conditions right now, and it’s expected to continue throughout a good portion of the day,” said Bob Wilson, a Colorado Department of Transportation spokesman. Wilson said although some cars are sliding off roads, not many accidents had been reported.

In Colorado, U.S. Highway 6 is closed to Loveland Pass, while a 35-mile span of Interstate I-25 is closed from Wellington to Cheyenne. Wilson said the closure is to prevent traffic congestion going into Wyoming, where driving conditions are worse than in northern Colorado. A 40-mile stretch of Interstate 80 is closed from Cheyenne to Laramie.

Wyoming officials said they’d had reports of about 70 crashes, most of them on I-80, before deciding to close the road.

City of Boulder Needs Better Snow Removal

the City of Boulder must get better at snow removal and treating the roads inside Boulder. It started snowing very hard around 9pm Friday evening and at 5:30am, the Broadway road was completely white, icey, and non treated or plowed. Snow was about 3 inches thick and ice was packed like an ice skating rink.

How is it that nobody in Boulder demands that the city safely treat the roads to allow 911 and emergency services safe passage on major city arteries??? The whole idea of saving money by NOT treating the roads is totally unacceptable. Somebody must ask the city of Boulder what their plan is for snow removal because what I witnessed Friday evening till Saturday noon was the most pathetic example of snow removal I have ever seen. I am so happy City of Boulder saved money but anyone who drove Friday nite till Saturday noon was risking their life.

Back from 4 day trip

the Albuquerque Balloon Festival was absolutely beautiful and the pics are up on the flickr

we are back and working, call 303 641 7829