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Joe Maxa – Dougherty & Company

I wanted to get a little more color on the expectations for the second half. Obviously it’s a very back-end loaded with your DG business. Can you give us some color on which projects you are expecting to account for that roughly $230 million over the last six months of the year?

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Peter Mak

This is Peter Mak. Basically we have 17 contracts ongoing to date and then in the last quarter, the second quarter, a few of them relates to biomass as fuel project. We’re subject to a little bit delay because we want to enhance the design to customize to clients needs and these designs has been completed. So we will be able to catch up with the revenue from these biomass projects. So your question relates to the second half of the revenue, I believe that our existing 17 contracts will continue to provide a basis for us to recognize revenue to achieve the remaining $260 million.

Has no one else noticed anything with respect to Mak’s statement?

Read the very last sentence.

$88,700,000 to date. $320,000,000 formal guidance.

As Maxa “estimates” = remaining 6 months need $230m – actually it is $231,300,000.

So….why does Mak say they expect the 17 contracts to continue to be the basis to achieve the remaining: $260,000,000.

Looks to me like Mak’s figure is already $28,700,000 more. Which equals $348,700.000. Freudian slip? Or does he already “bottom line” know?

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China has been rolling out policy to support renewable energy industry in the last 12 months. The nation set target of 17% of electricity in 2017 needs to be generated from renewable sources, such as wind and solar. The wind energy is reportedly to reach 3% by 2017.

China also set up feed-in tariff for solar farm projects, and will cover 50% of the development cost of any solar farms. So far, the domestic companies such as Renesola (SOL), Suntech (STP), Yingli Green (YGE) and solarfun (SOLF) will benefit from the policy. U.S. competitors such as First solar (FSLR) and Sunpower (SPWRA) are not eligible for the moment, although the government may extend the support to overseas companies. On the other hand, U.S. commercial rooftop BIPV demand picked up in recently months, company like Energy Conversion Devices (ENER) are ramping up production and tied knot with Johns Manville (JM), a leading global manufacturer of an extensive line of energy-efficient building products, to deliver PV system to commercial rooftops. It is believed that First Solar also entering rooftop BIPV market either by an acquisition or developing its own technology.

China is apparently the fastest to act in these days. On the weekend, China kicks off its green movement with a 10GW wind farm in western Gansu province. The farm will be developed by 20 developers and will be completed by 2010, local companies such as A-power (APWR) and Jinfeng Hi-tech, a Shanghai listed local wind turbine companies are part of the projects, GE (GE) is believed to be a big player through its joint venture with A-power, which reportedly has over 2GW capacity annually. The follow-up projects in Gansu could reach 40GW according to the reuters report.

Also according to the government-run media People’s Daily report on Monday, Inner Mongolia, Hebei province, northeast China, northwest China and east China coastal regions are focused regions for wind power base construction. China is planning to build seven 10-gW wind farms

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It is a need by the market to establish Shenyang Power Group. With rapid economic development and fierce competition, this world no longer needs any single entity but ¡°large-size aircraft carrier¡±. In China, ¡°Shanghai Electrical Group¡±, ¡°Oriental Power Group¡±, ¡°Harbin Power Group¡± have already developed to a certain scale. In the field of power energy, Shenyang City has many excellent enterprises with their products enjoying good reputation in the world. These enterprises have played important parts in national infrastructure construction and market economy development, and they are also important roles in world economy system. So in Shenyang City we establish our own ¡°Shenyang Power Group¡± to integrate superior resources to develop bigger market.

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