Green Investors wanting a Green Energy Play

my pick for a pure play green energy play is NevadaGeothermal! Nevada Geothermal is a 49MW Geothermal plant being built in Nevada with plans for expansion into 2010 for more green power and financing up to 180 million loan already in possession and the plant being built and expected to be producing power by end of 2009!

Holiday Hours for BoulderTaxi

we are taking off the holidays so if you need a taxi, call the dispatch 24/7 number 303 777-7777
Have a safe and happy Memorial Day and go BolderBoulder!!!

Skinny Uncle Bruce Coming Back to USA

Dear Skinny Bruce

Turbo Todd, the speed demon of Boulder Taxi’s, tells me you are one buff in shape dude ready for Buffalo Football and Coedamania this season………..I am sure some hill ladies will be happy to hear U are in da House come summer and fall! Me and psychoNewbie fitting in well in Boulder and happy to be part of the granola nation! the Bolder Boulder this weekend and the town was hopping before the soaking storm soaked everyone back inside……….let me know when you arrive!! Hiking the Mt Sanitas with you willl be a pleasure cause TurboTodd about died in the process up the hill!

Would You Rather Get Married or Blog about Wind Power???

The Shenyang Power alliance will have as its CEO Mr. Jinxiang Lu, A-Power’s Chairman and CEO, and Gaoke as the lead investor and majority stakeholder. The Shenyang government will fund the alliance through subsidies and provide preferential bank loan terms for any future DG projects undertaken by Shenyang Power. The ultimate goal for Shenyang Power is to create economies of scale by aggregating the potentials of power industry companies, talented individuals as well as natural resources in the local area. The advantages of such an alliance will be most salient in “Total-Responsibility” contracts, which entail the financing, design, procurement, manufacturing, installation, test and maintenance of large-scale, technologically advanced and managerially sophisticated electricity-generation systems both within China and overseas.”

APWR going to rock your world!!!

$ZOLT Wind Turbine Play

ZOLT announced earnings and they basically sucked but given the world wide recession, they were not a surprise but the CEO of ZOLT had some strong words for the future…………

Even in this unexpected global downturn that we are experiencing today, Zoltek continues to be profitable, reduce our long-term debt and produce positive cash flow from operations,” Rumy said. “We have the ability to ride out the current storm as we continue to actively pursue new orders and prepare for the strong growth that we believe is sure to follow.

“We have the confidence of knowing that governments and public utilities around the world are united in wanting to make wind energy a much bigger part of the overall energy mix. Wind energy is the only renewable energy, particularly the large turbines which are using carbon fiber-reinforced blades, that economically competes with fossil fuels in generating electricity. We also have every confidence that growth in existing markets and developments in automotive field and deep sea drilling will generate huge new demands for our carbon fibers. The revolution in building materials based on carbon fibers is real and it will continue not just for years, but for decades