Sweet Powder at WinterPark and MaryJane

Friday was 50 inches of nothing but bottomless powder as Mary Jane openned Parsenn Bowl Super Six chair to the top……….unbeleivable snow

Sunday was about 9 inches new freshies as the chair was NOT open Saturday for wind………..ahhh, loving the Pow Pow Buffett


Hop Driver Fired for T Boning a Taxi

seems the dude that took out one of our beloved Yellow Cabs last thursday am has been fired!!! of course anyone who hits the GAS after T Boning a car AFTER going through a RED LIGHT, well, do you want him driving drunken idiots around town????

Naked Pumpkin Runners Working on a Plea Deal

seems the Boulder PD got nothing better to do than work on plea bargains for our beloved NAKED PUMPKIN RUNNERS!!! Yep, making them register as Sex Offenders is NOT the answer!!!! Most of CU would have to register as sex offenders if they ticketed every ”’streaker”’!
Mark Becker, get a LIFE!!! and for the DA, I hope you throw each case out of court!!!

they do NOT call me “””SKI BARE””” for nothing!!!

GM shutting Down VOLT Plant Production

what a bunch of idiots that run GM
DETROIT — General Motors Corp., anxiously conserving cash so it can keep operating into 2009, said Wednesday it would halt construction of a plant tied to one of its most important projects while the automaker awaits a Washington bailout.

GM said it is putting the brakes on the construction of a factory in Flint, Mich., set to make 1.4-liter engines for the Chevrolet Cruze and the Chevy Volt plug-in electric car.

It’s just one more effort by GM to hold on to every penny possible as it speeds closer to the day when the 100-year-old industrial giant won’t be able to pay its bills.

The company has been scaling back just about everywhere — shutting down vehicle production, ending sports sponsorships, turning off escalators and even cutting back on office supplies — to stay afloat.

GM is seeking up to $18 billion in government loans as it tries to survive the worst U.S. auto sales environment in 26 years. It says it needs $4 billion before this year runs out.

GM board member Kent Kresa told The Associated Press last week that the company might make it into the early part of the first quarter, depending on auto sales, yet GM has several billion dollars worth of supplier payments due shortly after the first of the year, and analysts have said the company probably doesn’t have the cash to pay them