Taxi Rides from CU to DIA Thanksgiving Break

now that the Buffs have stunk up the football field with Okie State, its time to think about THANKSGIVING BREAK and your ride to DIA. Use Boulder Taxi for a hassle free ride from CU to DIA. Get some folks together and split the costs/split the ride costs!

China to Spend 586 Billion on Infrastructure

too bad Wall Street spent their 700 billion on getting Wall Street Bone US’s to their overpaid snotty Exec’s.

AMSC and APWR are two china plays sure to appreciatte over time given their play on WIND POWER!! Obama is going to spend 15 Billion per year on Wind in USA. China can and will spend ALOT more on WIND POWER!!

CU Thanksgiving Holiday Rides to DIA

better start making advance reservations now to book your ride from CU to DIA……..get some folks together and the price is the same as Super Shuttle to DIA and you can ride when YOU want to versus Super Shuttle Cattle Cars…….get some freinds together and lets go eat turkey in style!!

Boulder or CU to DIA Taxi Ride

anybody going to see Grandma or folks over Thanksgiving Holiday???? from Boulder to DIA, you can make advance reservations given a downpayment to book/hold your ride and your taxi!!!