Gas $3.39

never thought I would think that is ”cheap” but paying $3.39 tonight almost made me feel RICH compared to $4.60

Taxi’s use alot of GAS and the drivers pay for the fuel, NOT the cab companies………, TIPS and Gratuities are basically put into the gas tank…………..

Buffs and Broncos Stink Up the TV

not sure who was worse this weekend???? the Buffs folded at FSU and the Broncos lost to the winless KC Chiefs! Just as bad was watching the goat roping at Washington/Wall Street!!! Nancy Pelosi sure knows how to suck up to Bernanke and Paulson!! Sarah Palin could be a Twin Sister of a different political mother to Nancy Pelosi……….what a friggin mess!!!!

Gamesa Wind Turbine Moving HQ to Pennsylvania

1000’s of new green jobs coming to Pennsylvania and USA

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Spanish wind energy powerhouse Gamesa Energy has blown into Pennsylvania in a very big way.
Gamesa Chief Executive Officer Inaki Lopez Gandasegui on Sept. 23rd announced that the world’s third-largest wind energy developer will create as many as 1,000 jobs in the Keystone State.
About 100 of those positions will be co-located at the U.S. headquarters and East Coast development office that Gamesa is establishing in Philadelphia, he explained. Another 400 new positions, Lopez added, will be created at a plant producing wind-turbine generator blades that the company will build somewhere in Pennsylvania. The rest of the jobs will come from the construction, operation and maintenance of the wind farms that Gamesa will build in the state, he said.

Obama Voting For Wind, McCain Voting AGAINST WIND

McCain Supports Tax Breaks For Oil Industry — But Not For Wind Power
Sep 12, 2008 (12 days ago)

Here’s something that could create political complications for John McCain in key swing states as he continues to defend measures that would maintain tax breaks for the oil industry: He recently opposed extending tax breaks for the wind-power industry. Making this more difficult for McCain, the fledgling wind-power industry is popular in key upper Midwest and central plains states — and here you have McCain protecting such tax breaks for Big Oil, but opposing them for Big Wind, or, if you prefer, Little Wind. McCain recently opposed the big $300 billion farm bill, which itself is extremely popular throughout the upper midwest, describing the bill as “a $300 billion, bloated, pork-barrel-laden bill” because of subsidies for industries like ethanol. But in a little-noticed development, the bill also contained a measure extending a tax break for developing wind power, which McCain specifically opposed. Obama backed it. According to Senator Tom Harkin, an Obama ally, the wind energy industry is employing close to 2,000 people, some concentrated in those key swing states. It’s little local issues like these that can move votes in states where the voting is expected to be

Mortgage Bailout Jackas#es NOW going to buy Bad Credit Card Debt

friggin unbelievable

The emergency legislation would give the government broad power to buy up devalued assets from troubled financial firms in a bid to unlock the flow of credit and stabilize badly shaken markets in the United States and around the globe.

In one expansion of its original proposal, the administration is asking for broad power to buy up virtually any kind of bad asset — including credit card debt or car loans — from any financial institution in the U.S. or abroad in order to stabilize markets.

Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., the Banking Committee chairman, has proposed granting that request; Frank said he was working to limit the bailout to mortgage-related investments.

Differences remained with the administration on Democrats’ proposal that the government take an ownership stake in the troubled companies it bails out so that taxpayers could benefit from future profits. Frank said Paulson had accepted the idea in principle, but several staff aides at work on the plan said there was no agreement yet on how the concept would work.

Frank said he and Paulson had agreed to create a congressional oversight board as part of the bailout and to mandate that the government come up with a plan to avoid foreclosures on any mortgages it acquires in the rescue. A government official with knowledge of the talks confirmed the administration backs those provisions.

As for tottering financial firms, there still were divisions on which would be helped and what kind of assets the government could buy as part of the bailout.

And in a fresh sign of a challenging road ahead, Sen. Richard C. Shelby of Alabama, the top Banking Committee Republican, blasted the emerging plan as “neither workable nor comprehensive.”

“In my judgment, it would be foolish to waste massive sums of taxpayer funds testing an idea that has been hastily crafted and may actually cause the government to revert to an inadequate strategy of ad hoc bailouts,” Shelby said.

Lawmakers on both extremes of the political spectrum assailed the plan as a massive, poorly conceived bailout. Conservative House Republicans and liberal House Democrats both and huddled privately to express their concerns.

A partisan battle was brewing over the bankruptcy provision for homeowners’ mortgage payments, a key Democratic demand.

“We’ll see how hard they fight — it’s something we care about,” Frank said.

Lawmakers in both parties appeared to be coalescing around the idea that executive compensation limits should be part of the bailout, although Paulson is said to be concerned that such curbs would discourage companies from participating.

“Some element of

AIG to Fire Sale 85 Billion in One Week

yep, this FED BAILOUT is the biggest crock of Crap I have ever seen in my life………..

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AIG CEO expects “for sale” list next week
Monday September 22, 5:39 pm ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) – American International Group Inc (NYSE:AIG – News) should have a list of assets it wants to sell by next week, its new chief executive said on Monday, as the company prepares to split itself up to repay an emergency bailout loan.
The New York-based financial titan, which was once the world’s most valuable insurer, needs to raise cash quickly to repay an $85 billion U.S. Federal Reserve loan that allowed it to avoid bankruptcy after taking massive losses on mortgage derivatives.

“We’re going to take those assets which are probably very valuable, but can also be digested by buyers in relatively manageable bites, and we will simply start to market them,” Edward Liddy, who was appointed AIG’s chief executive last week, said in an interview on the CNBC financial news channel.

“I hope within the next seven to 10 days to be out there with a plan that lists everything that’s for sale and maybe even execute some of those transactions by then,” said Liddy, a former CEO of insurer Allstate Corp (NYSE:ALL – News).