Wind Power Growth Chart====Future MW Demand

The US Dept. of Energy, the American Wind Energy Association the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and President Bush¹s administration believe that 20% of the nation’s electricity can come from renewable wind energy within the next twenty years. This would result in cumulative wind turbine sales of over $250 billion. In Denmark, wind energy already produces 20% of its national grid. The EWEA has set a target to increase electricity supplies in Europe with wind energy from 3% today to 23% by 2030 and believes that eventually 50% of the European grid can be supplied by wind energy.

We must Change Congress

the credits MUST be approved for WIND and RENEWABLE

With total installed U.S. wind power capacity now over 16,800 MW, or enough to serve the equivalent of 4.5 million average households, wind was the second largest source of new electrical capacity in the nation, behind only natural gas, for the past three years. AWEA credits the industry’s expansion to the stability over the past three years of the renewable energy production tax credit (PTC), which is now set to expire at the end of 2008. Previous short-term extensions have led to a boom-and-bust cycle in the wind industry, increasing costs along the entire supply chain and preventing businesses from growing to their full potential. Studies indicate that an expiration of the tax credit will place $19 billion in renewable energy investment and 116,000 American jobs at risk.


China Investing 500 Million Wind Farm

a rising TIDE lifts all boats in the Wind Sector………..

China Power Investment to invest 2.8b yuan in wind power plant(Xinhua)
Updated: 2008-08-30 14:54 Comments(0) PrintMailChina Power Investment Corporation, one of the country’s five power giants, said in Beijing on Friday it was investing 2.8 billion yuan ($410 million) in building a wind power plant, the largest of its kind in the northeastern Liaoning Province.

Upon completion, the plant will have an installed capacity of 300,000 kw, generating more than 700 million kwh of power annually, according to a statement by the wind power developer.

The planned Tuoshan Wind Power Plant started first-phase construction earlier this week. “With an investment of 530 million yuan, the project will install 33 power generation units totaling 49,500 kilowatts. It is expected to generate power in December next year,” the company said.

Liaoning ranks third in installed capacity of wind power in China. Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the top producer, has an installed capacity of 1.56 million kw.

China has sped up its wind power development in recent years, with wind capacity soaring from 1.26 million kw in 2005 to 605 million kw in 2007, fifth in the world. The figure is expected to exceed 10 million kw by the year end.

Why Go with Green Wind ???

All over the world, people must prepare to use new forms of energy. The sharp rise in energy consumption calls for a sustainable resource that does not create more greenhouse gases, pollution or waste for future generations. Wind power is a renewable, predictable and clean source of energy. Substantial capacity can be built up quickly, offering the energy independence demanded by the world’s largest and fastest-growing economies. This is why we call wind power, modern energy.

Wind Energy Benefits

Wind energy is clean. Electricity generated by wind turbines won’t dirty the air we breathe or emit pollutants like other energy sources—that means less smog, less acid rain and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Power plants are the largest stationary source of air pollution in the United States, emitting millions of tons of sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides and carbon dioxide each year. These pollutants are believed to be the cause of global warming. Running a single 1-MW wind turbine can displace 2,000 tons of carbon dioxide in one year (equivalent to planting one square mile of forest).

Wind energy is cost competitive to other fuel sources (like natural gas) and it is the least expensive of all renewable energy sources. Because the fuel (wind) is free, wind energy can provide a stable long-term price for power production. Today’s wind farms can generate electricity for less than 5 cents per kilowatt hour in many parts of the U.S., a price that is competitive with new coal- or gas-fired power plants. The cost is expected to continue to decline as the technology improves and the market for this source develops.

Wind energy is growing fast. It has been the world’s fastest growing renewable energy source for more than a decade with an average annual growth rate of over 20%. With more than 16,818 MW of wind energy capacity installed in the, wind power can generate 48 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) annually or power more than 4.5 million average U.S.households (a fraction of what it could be providing). According to the American Wind Energy Association, wind energy in the United Statescould provide as much as 10,777 billion kWh annually—more than twice the electricity generated in the

Wind energy is renewable. As one of Mother Nature’s gifts, the wind is available and plentiful and won’t deplete our world’s natural resources.

Wind energy benefits society. Because it is a clean energy source, wind energy reduces costs associated with air pollution—both healthcare and environmental costs. And, its low operating costs and short construction lead times mean it can provide low cost, clean energy quicker and more conveniently than traditional power plants.

Wind energy is local. Wind projects keep more energy dollars in the communities where projects are located and provide a steady income through lease payments to the landowners. Wind projects also pay significant property taxes and state taxes each year and create local jobs. Unlike oil, the wind is not affected by international conflicts or embargoes, making it immune to supply problems or price shocks.

Wind energy is reliable and efficient. Unlike other power plants, wind energy systems require minimal maintenance and have low operating expenses. Wind turbines are very reliable and are available to generate electricity 99% of the time (on par with other generating sources).

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Obama Talking WIND and Renewables

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APWR …………global Chinese/SE Asia player backed by CHINA GOVT

ZOLT…………global player in providing carbon fiber to blades in Wind turbines and Deep Water Drilling Rigs for oil

AMSC………..the behind the scenes electrical gears and elec turbines for Wind

this is the story of Global Renewable GREEN Energy


GE just Validated Zoltek Biz Plan

To get more power from the same footprint, GE is looking at a variety of technologies, said Renou, who oversees development at four GE wind research centers around the world.

“I see a lot more technology going into each of the components, especially the blades,” he said. “The blades will look more funky and twisted to get better performance.”

By adding more carbon composite to turbine blades, GE can add 16 feet to their length, which translates into a significant boost of energy.

Although it’s four times more expensive than fiberglass, carbon also gives blades more flexibility, allowing them to operate at higher wind speeds.

Zoltek up 7.5% Today Alone

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