Democratic Convention Taxi Service in Boulder

arranging your RIDES from Boulder to Denver for the Democratic Convention in Denver and you are staying in Boulder since all the hotels are sold out in Denver????????? Please ARRANGE with us in advance and make RESERVATIONS to Denver………….coming all that way and cannot get a ride cause you did NOT plan in advance???????

Jury Duty

Had to miss a shift to attend to an ambulance chasing Gold Digging lawyer in Denver for Jury Duty…………..what a WASTE of mankinds time………….I dont think he enjoyed my comment about the “””low Life Pond Scum”” that ambulance chasers are but so what?????? I am SURE he is use to it!!!

Solars Getting Upgraded

Got to love the major Brokerage Houses that can ”’upgrade””’ anything that will sell………… a P/E of 300, well, can you say “””DOT COM BOMB””” part Two coming to a Solar Stock near you soon????????


Working on Saturday and Sunday

seems the weekends are BUSIER than the rest of the week so for the rest of the summer, we will be working on Saturday and Sunday DAYS

For a Taxi in Boulder, call 303 641-7829

NanoSolar Going to save us

for anyone tracking the SOLAR STOCKS, its time to sell your positions in any SOLAR cause the ””new” solars could just plain KILL the existing Solars………read about NanoSolar and you will figure out what Conoco Phillips is going to be doing with Paintable Solar……….

just one cabbies opinion…………SHORT FIRST SOLAR

Taxi Boulder, Colorado

getting a TAXI in Boulder is very easy, just call MY Cell Phone

WE are back from Vermont and Virginia vacation and are working the normal Summer Hours of Tuesday-Saturday………after hours, call Bruce or Dag or Todd on the website for NIGHT DRIVERS