Level3 Missed

plain and simple, Level3 just flat out MISSED their guidance and everything about their 8 Aquisitions…………and the stock TANKED!
Hoping that the folks ”visiting” the HQ are kicking some butt!

Snowing in Winter Park and Steamboat

Shay and I are doing a little Skiing Recon this weekend and its SNOWING already in the High Country

remember, for those days its SNOWING in Boulder, we are probably going to be SKIING……….about the ONLY BENEFIT of driving a Taxi in Boulder!


150,000 per Day Joining Facebook

one can WONDER why I am so HIGH on Level3 Becoming a nice INVESTMENT for the future……….Facebook at 150,000 per DAY and MySpace at 100,000 per day and HOW MANY VIDEOS go across that Level3 Network????????


WHY is Level3 UP 5% Today???

its called the “””CDN CLAYMORE”””” and if Cramer gets WIND of the CDN CLAYMORE, well, its LIGHTS OUT for Akami and Limelight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Taxi in Boulder 303-641-7829

getting around in Boulder or to DIA is very easy, call my cell or use the NIGHT drivers cell phones

303 641 7829

How about that WIN CU pulled on OU???????? Hawkins, any of your linemen can RIDE for free with me!!!!