Boulder to Denver in a Taxi is about $60 to $65

everyone always calls and asks about ”’prices”’ and from downtown Boulder to Downtown Denver its approximately $55 to $60 dollars depending on TRAFFIC and where the drop and pick up place is in Boulder………..Highlands Ranch is NOT Denver!!! Sunny weather THANK GOD has gotten back into Boulder!!! Hallelujiah!!! And Shay continues to get BETTER and BETTER in Taxi Driving!! Congrats!

New Hours for Boulder Taxi

Shay and I are working usually Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday DAYS only………..Late Night Bruce is LATE NIGHT and Turbo Todd is SKIING in Whistler the lucky BUMM!

and of course, we have the SIX INCH RULE of powder in effect for the winter=======more than SIX INCHES, dont look for me to be working

Happy Powder Trails to YA!

Days 303 641 7829 Keith in Da Cab
Day Shay 303 840 7863

make your LIFE EASY and call a Taxi and bypasss Dispatch in Denver!!!

Day Shay Taxi in Boulder 303 840 7863

Well, Day SHAY is working out very nicely as she learns the ropes of Boulder and the Taxi Biz……..

We are Working Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday DURING SKI SEASON…………….skiing Sunday/Monday at Winter Park

Thanks to all who use our SERVICE

303 641 7829 Keith in the Cab Days

303 840 7863 Day Shay Tu-Friday