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October 31, 2006

Native America , Discovered and Conquered, Jefferson and Lewis and Clark

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the Lewis and Clark Jefferson Manifest Destiny Tour hit Boulder and DU and Prof Miller brought his book of American History and the Indians and Lewis Clark tour to Colorado. How does this make the Taxi Blog?? WEll, Robert J. Miller can now ”google” his book and discover WHAT the cabbie tells him to actually does happen with Google Spyders and Buzz Words and the Title of “”Native America, Discovered and Conquered” into the Buzz of a Blog about a Taxi Driver raising money for an orphanage………
Getting a Taxi took on a new meaning as Prof Miller ”hailed” a Taxi at 60mph down the Freeway………….my honey was happy we went to DIA………..

October 28, 2006

Getting a Taxi in Boulder, Colorado

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over Halloween weekend, getting a TAXI in Boulder, Colorado can and will be interesting to say the least……… favorite HOLIDAY as a Cab Driver is Halloween cause the CU Students never ever cease to amaze me in their style and design…………..I have NO idea what I will wear but a COSTUME is mandatory to drive a TAXI in Boulder over Halloween!
for Day Time Rides, Shay @ 303 840 7863
Late Night Bruce 303 641 5788, TurboTodd 970 390 8780!

October 23, 2006

Level3 to Announce Google in Top 10 Customer List for Tomorrow Earnings????

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you will hear Skibare SCREAM in Ecstasy or Screaming in PAIN as Level3 announces EARNINGS tomorrow on October 24th=======a DAY in Infamy as HISTORY is made with Level3 getting to announce I HOPE and PRAY Google in top 10 Customer List!
Skiing will be VERY VERY GOOD if and when Google can and will HOPEFULLY be announced in top 10 Customer List=======where else can a Taxi Cab Driver PRAY for some redemption????
Go ya Jeffing PIG GO!!!!!!!!!!

October 16, 2006

Welcome Shay to Boulder Driving===All you Women REQUEST SHAY in Boulder

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time for you Babes of Boulder to ”’request”’ some female Power to the Taxi Driving ! 303 840 7863

October 10, 2006

Parents Weekend at CU

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Parents weekend this weekend and its almost like ”’GOUGE”” and Extortion weekend with Hotels and Restaurants being overwhelmed and the cab service running wide open…………our rates are set and do NOT rise with the Parents Extortion Weekend at CU………..8000 parents trying to get little Suzie and little Johnnie into the Flagstaff or Boulder Cork………….Do NOT forget the Greenbriar Inn when Dining is paramount to a great weekend story……..
Call the Celll Phones or else be put on hold with dispatch!

October 3, 2006

getting a Taxi in Boulder, Colorado

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its Pretty easy when you use the NET and dial my cell phone number 303 641 7829
I work usually Noon til 9pm is my average time frame with later on the weekends and MORE on the HOME GAME FOOTBALL like this weekend!

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