FunkyFrankieFranchesca and Dan

sometimes you meet some very Interesting folks in Boulder and CU and DanIaintfromFawkinNewYork and Funkyfrankie definetly top shelf when it comes to CU Students…………they have a NAME and a Cab Driver now! Welcome aboard the ride list!


3 Months till SNOW FLIES in earnest………2 months til SNOW MAKING, one week till SniaGrab!

SamBangsJamie or JamiePitchesSamCatches

cannot figure out WHO was on first and who was playing center field but do TELL the boys at DU that the babe in Boulder was wayyyyyyyyyy cute and her man thinks like the Driver!!!! Sometimes you run into folks like Jamie and Sam that make the night go quicker!!! THEY get the IDEA of running a BLOG and a Taxi!! Thanks for the Fun Ride!!!!
Should have seen the girls BARFING about 12pm BEFORE they got into the cab to go clubbing downtown, now, THAT was amateur hour========trying to convince ME how sober they were after blowing chunks BEFORE they go clubbing……………..some things NEVER change at CU!
TO all the “”Regulars” who ride with me that are “”NAMED””, CHEERS to you……… have a TAXI and that first weekend proved the MADNESS and the mayhem of trying to get a CAB !

CU students and CU Moms and Dads getting a TAXI, I even take PayPal

dont have any cash, I can take pre sent PayPal…………always willing to go the extra mile to make your life easy and when you are at CU, to have YOU having alot of FUN! Some of the ”’regulars” arrived last night and seeing my ole Buddy “””MO Town Money from Jersey””” was the Highlight of my evening!! Mo’s Girls were looking like Babes as usual an always, MO’s Girls are the BEST at CU!!!!!!! GO KAPPA!
Why do i “”NAME”” my regulars????????? its just a WAY that I KNOW that I have briefed them on the way I run this TAXI as a business and if you get NAMED, you become a trusted regular to uphold your end to be READY, paying cash, and READY to travel on my schedule…………its a Business and a JOB but its more an Adventure! Glad the Students are back!

Getting a Taxi in Boulder , Colorado

its so easy if you are a CU student to get a Taxi……….just call my cell phone number 303 641 7829 an get your own personal professional Driver and once you meet CoffeePot, well, your CU experience will be complete! We also have “”LATE NIGHT BRUCE”” at 303 641 5788 for your LATE NIGHT pickups!

Six Month Camera Sales BOOMING in ASIA

how can Omnivision NOT go up August 31st after reading this report????

GfK Asia reports six-month camera phone sales booming in Asia

The market research firm GfK Asia reports sales of camera phones during the first six months of this year are booming in Asia, according to a press release in Antara News.

The research firm says, “Of the three categories assessed in the Asian region — color with camera, color displays without camera, and monochrome — color camera phones reported an overall increase of approximately 55 per cent in volume, with just under 55 million units sold, and 33 per cent increase in value, totaling over US$14 billion in sales from January to June 2006.

“Total Asian market phone sales for the region were up by approximately 36 per cent in volume during the first six months of 2006 against the same time period in 2005, with just over 107 million units sold.”

India’s booming market

GfK Asia says camera phone sales in India resulted in “a growth rate of 296 per cent in volume and 239 per cent in value from January to June 2006 compared with the first half of 2005, more than tripling China’s 70 per cent volume and 43 per cent value growth rate posted in these results….

“All of the 11 countries surveyed reported an increase in both retail sales volume and value within the color camera phone category for the first half of 2006 against the same time in 2005, with the single exception of Taiwan.

Doing a Study of CU Students and Which Camera Phone and Which Carrier they using for Cell Phones

with the return of CU Students to Boulder, I am doing a SURVEY of WHICH CAMERA PHONE they using and which carrier and IF they use the Picture Option and why or Why not????????

OmniVision Earnings August 31st……….let the STORY UNFOLD!!! Trying to have a “”LIFE””” and DATE and Drive a Taxi is going to be ”interesting”’ but I am CERTAINLY UP to the Challenge and the REWARDS are certainly worth the EXTRA WORK! OVTI August 31st Baby========AUGUST 31st, OVTI RETURNS to “”SEQUENTIAL GROWTH”””!

so far, CHOCOLATE and RAZR dominate the survey so far~!

CU Students seeking a Taxi In Boulder

the TIME has come as the CU Birds of Boulder Capistrano return to the NEST to endulge in another wonderful year of Rocket Science and Kegology sandwiched around Snowboarding and Papers Due…………Welcome back , I work usually after 2pm in the afternoons and I AM the MAN for your TAXI to Pearl Street from the Hill or Gold Run !

Williams Village and you dont want to wait for the Bus System?????? 303 641 7829 will get you a Taxi Quickly and take care of all your needs.

Taxi from Longmont to DIA

if you are going to DIA from Longmont, I can be of assistance…………Please call me directly as Yellow CAB can and will service Longmont going OUT of Longmont. Remember, we cannot run to Longmont to take you for a $4 ride to the grocery store because of the High Price of GASOLINE. I am sorry Town and Country went out of Business but the Costs to run a Taxi Service are very high. Going to Boulder or Denver or DIA from Longmont, please call me 303 641 7829. Thanks to a Longmont reader for tipping me off to the dilema of Longmont!