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January 24, 2006

Telecom Taxi

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Ok, looking for good marketing ideas on how to turn my TAXI into a VOIP MARKETING machine to bypass the expensive Qwest Phone bills ?????????


January 23, 2006

Taxi Cab in Boulder

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to get a Taxi in Boulder, its EASY by just calling my cell phone
303 641 7829

why make something difficult???????


January 18, 2006

Going to the Airport from Boulder

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just give me a Phone call 303 641 7829………….

Stock Market UGLY today, OVTI getting the stuffing beat out of it……….CU students back, SNOW in the Mountains along with the WIND………….YUK on the Wind!


January 15, 2006

Naropa Taxi Needs

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Everyone thinks in terms of University of Colorado when thinking about Boulder but Naropa is growing by leaps and bounds………..For all you Naropa New Students, I hope to be your taxi Driver!!!
My Chi is Centered and I definetly have hugged my Tree !!!


getting a Taxi in Boulder

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For the new students of Naropa or CU, finding a Taxi in Boulder is very easy………..enter “”Boulder Cab”” or “”Boulder Taxi” into Yahoo and up pops my website……….and phone number……….I usually work Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons and evenings…………I ski on Monday and Wednesday………every man/taxi Driver MUST have his priorities…………..

Spread the word, enter Boulder Taxi or Boulder Cab into Yahoo and UP I pop!


the Taxi Biz is Open

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got started last few nights, its been SLOW but the ”’start” of the Spring Semester for CU students is just around the corner……………

I found an interesting article on Cell Phone Growth in Biz Week and as many of you know who ride with me find out, I love for the Students to EDUCATE me on whats HOT and whats HIP for the upcoming technology revolution!!! I do learn from every student that gets into my Taxi and the ladies of PI FI I owe a big special thanks to for their Cell Phone Camera introduction for me to find OmniVision!!!!!!!! Thanks Pi Fi!
Bruce will be back in two weeks from Thailand so the tandem team of Bruce and Keith will be able to solve your transportation needs!!

OmniVision will take advantage of this UP and growing cell phone market expansion!

There are now about 2 billion mobile-phone users in the world, and market penetration is above 50% in advanced countries. But as prices for phones and service drop, another billion customers could sign up by 2010 from places such as China, India, Brazil, and Russia. “All the growth in subscribers is coming from emerging markets,” says David Taylor, Motorola’s director of strategy and operations for high-growth markets. Researchers predict that of the 1 billion cell phones expected to be sold in 2010, half will be in developing economies. Most will cost less than $40 — still out of reach for the poorest one-third of the world’s population but affordable for the middle third. “This market is wicked big,” says senior analyst John Jackson of telecom researcher Yankee Group Research Inc. in Boston.


January 8, 2006

Jan 12th, I start Again in the Taxi

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I have enjoyed my time off and skied my butt off………….its been a good time but time to get back to work…………

Today’s Quote

My mind is a garden. My thoughts are the seeds. My harvest will be either flower or weeds.


January 3, 2006

OmniVision is the stock for 2006

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Why in denial look at the facts…you don’t have to feel this bad, just cover before you lose everything and go long…Here is some of the reasons (thx to duke…2001)

2)S&P raises fair value to $27
3)Zack raises OVTI to #1 rating
4)Eleven analysts raise earnings estimates
5)IBD rates OVTI strong buy
6)JPM says OVTI 48% undervalued
7)Industry PEG 1.52/OVTI PEG .65
8)Industry P/E 22-OVTI P/E 13.7(1.49 est)
9)Industry P/S 4.00/OVTI P/S 2.5
10)Forward P/E 11.3 (1.80 est)
11)Growth rate 22%
12)Record Quarterly Sales
13)Record Quarterly Earnings
14)Record Unit Volume
15)Record Sales Guidance
16)10% of shares repurchased in past six months
17)In all of the Big 6 Handset Makders
18)Wavefront Coding to ship before July 2007
19)Ranked #1 by Fortune Magazine for Sales Growth 2005
20)Gross Margin Improving
21)CES will unveil some of the 20 new killer apps


January 1, 2006

happy new year 2006

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There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.


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