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December 30, 2005

Calling a Taxi on New Years EVE

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should be very easy IF you call me for your CAB or TAXI=====Please remember we are NOT a LIMO======those charge MASSIVE amounts of money and we are on call 24/7!
I hope EVERYONE drinks responsibly!


I am working New Years EVE

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getting a taxi in Boulder on New Years Eve, please give us a Call!
303 641 7829
Looking forward to a Wonderful New Years Eve!


2006 New Years Resolution

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Be alive,give gratitude,think positive thoughts,focus on others and the rest of life will take care of itself.


December 28, 2005

Skiing at Winter Park today

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Lots of nasty cold freezing rain……….YUK

My Opinion==2006 and OmniVision

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in 2006, OmniVision going to the moon!

Highlights from the 12/2/2005 CC (Q2):

– 126.8 M in Revenue for Q2 (50% increase yoy)
– 36.1% Gross Margin compared to 33% for Q1
-.41 per share, where analysts expected .31
– 4,620,000 shares purchased in stock buyback

Forecast for next quarter (q3):
– 130M to 140M in revenue for Q3
-.42 to .47 cents per share

Growth due to strong demand for mobile handsets. Expect industry to have 800M mobile handset units sold worldwide for the year. OVTI has design wins for all top 6 handset manufacturers. Eventually, OVTI chips will be in production with all of top 6 handset makers. Omnipixel2 technology introduced in Q1…OVTI continues to improve products as it moves forward.

For the quarter, the revenue breakdown is 75% from handset sales, 10% from DSC, and 15% from security, autos, toys, …

Maintain a strong relationship with TSMC for MFG. Working to increase MFG output with TSMC for 2006.

Wavefront coding coming in the first half of 2006. This technology will give OVTI a significant competitive advantage. Wavefront coding eliminates the need and cost of mechanical autofocus.

Hong stressed that image sensors are not subject to commodization.

20 new products coming this year. For comparison, 13 new products were introduced for 2004.

Strong demand for new security chips, toys/video gaming, and autos. Mass production of auto chips coming early 2006.

Growth not due to seasonal demand. Strong demand for handsets and 6-9 months from design win to revenue is the reason for growth.

ASPs were lower, but maintained margins by driving down cost along with this drop in ASPs. Expect no change in ASPs over next months. OVTI continues to work to improve yields and prevent back-end yield issues as products and mfg mature.

2006 expected to be a strong year.

From what I know from past reports, OVTI will increase revenue from auto sensors coming in 2006, along with laptop camera chips, wavefront coding, and lets not forget the levono contract (which will greatly expand sales in the hottest growth area, China). Today, Nokia reiterated it expects a strong 2006 year for handset sales.

Though not mentioned in the last CC, it appears that OVTI is supplying to Fisher Price for the Star Station Entertainment System. Lets not forget NASA


Life Lived By Fear Goes Nowhere

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best saying of a lifetime……….

Life Lived by Fear Goes Nowhere.

We have another saying in the program: The spelling of fear is “False Events Appearing Real”.

Freezing Rain at Winter Park today if you can imagine that and suppose to heavy /wet snow tonight! Sore legs and wet/cold today…………better stuff coming Friday!


December 26, 2005

Probably Working New Years EVE

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getting a TAXI in Boulder during New years eve is a nightmare with busy signals at the 7’s! I can help, give me a call to get up to the minute Driver Time of Arrival an let us drive you instead of the Boulder Police Department over the New Years Eve Drinking parties!


December 21, 2005

Many THANKS for a great 2005

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My Sincere THANKS to all that rode with me in the Taxi for 2005======May 2006 exceed our expectations, Dreams, and Hopes!

THANKS AGAIN for a great 2005!


Winter Vacation===Christmas

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I am taking VACATION for Two weeks till AFTER the first Week of January=======Sort of like the Swans of Capistrano, when the STUDENTS OF CU come back, Skibare will fly back behind the wheel of the Yellow Taxi!

Till then, its SKIING and some more skiing with a Side of Snow and HEAVY on the Living Life every day like its your last!

THANKS for a great 2005======Looking forward to a great 2006!


December 17, 2005

Hawk Love for the CU Buffs

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the new coach of the Buffs is the HAWK from Boise State!! Welcome Hawk Family and we welcome the Hawk Love to Boulder========I hope to God you know what you are getting yourself into with the MESS of scandals and accounting and strippers and so forth========oh, and by the way, 70-3 is still FRESH in our memories ! We love the HAWK and we have NOT even met him!! Anyone crazy enough to take on the challenge of this mess is a MAN after my own taxi!!! Cant wait to see the HAWK ”biking” to work!


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