it was definetly an entertaining night for all in Boulder for Halloween! Make sure you click through the TaxiCabObsessions for the pictures!


Halloween OFF the Charts

it was Crazy… was a Normal Nutzo Night in Boulder for Halloween=======crazies were everywhere========I loaded some of my pictures===the NaughtyTeachers WON the award but Abracadabra an her honey were right on their tails! Of course in COSTUME, nobody could touch Abracadabra!


Cheap Hotel Rooms in Boulder , Colorado

this is almost TOO GOOD to be true but the Millenium is offerring a $59 per night room rate here in Beautiful Bouder , Colorado! Give me an email and I will tell you the details but its $59 to stay ANYNIGHT in Boulder during the fall/winter while visiting Boulder other than the MAULING of NU by CU over Thanksgiving weekend!


Cheap $59 Nights in Boulder

the Wonderful Millenium HOTEL in Boulder is offerring us Cab Drivers a very special rate for you to Visit Boulder and get a GREAT ROOM at a very nice hotel for a very LOW RATE of $59! Email me for Details and NO Cornhuskers, its NOT for the Mauling of NU in Boulder over Thanksgiving! $59 a night for a luxury hotel in downtown Boulder====got to LOVE these folks at the Millenium and FREE COFFEE for the Taxi Drivers! SMART way of getting cabs to “”Locate”’ at the Millenium for their Guests Quick Transportation and needs!

Erotica Exotica Halloween Ball in Boulder

got to love tonight as a CAB DRIVER=====the Craziest Night of the Year for Cab Drivers and folks in Boulder as they live out their fantasies where Lawyers wear nothing but Body Paint and Accountants dress in Drag and its all GOOD in Boulder Tonight at the Boulder Theatre!


MAKE SURE you do NOT drink and Drive——-Cops will have a field day tonight—Like shooting fish in a Barrel!

Halloween in Boulder

My favorite HOLIDAY beating everyone of them hands down………its a time to get crazy an be the unusual in Costumes…………maybe I could be the disqualified Harriet Miers or Geoge Bush mask but probably would get Tomatoes thrown at me so , NOPE, I wont be George Bush for SURE!!!


Great CU Parents Weekend

Great Weather, GREAT CU BUFFS WIN , and alot of happy parents……………ahh, a winning combination!!! QUIET on the “HILL”” and nothing of grave consequence like our ”Roofie” IDIOTS of a few weeks ago! No riots, an NO Couch burnings or fires=======all in all, a GREAT CU weekend!!! Again, THANKS to all the great parents======now, I am going to get some sleep after way too many hours driving!!!


Many Thanks CU Parents

from one grateful Boulder Cabbie, the CU weekend has been incredible and I would like to personally THANK ALL of you CU Parents for such a wonderful BENEFICIAL WEEKEND!!!! Much Thanks for the gracious Tips!


PS NOW, off to the AIRPORT in My CAB!!!

CU Parents Weekend

Great Weather and a terrible kick off time for CU Parents and Restaurants for serving the MASSES invading Boulder this weekend!! NEW CU Athletic Director AINT going to make many freinds in the restaurant biz by switching the TIME to take the Pay Per View Money!!!!!!!!! Geeez, which PART of PARENTS WEEKEND dont you understand Mike?????????? THEY all go out to EAT, NOT sit in a Stadium at NIGHT taking away from seating and going OUT TO EAT!!!!!!!! DUH AWARD to CU New AD!

Buffs 34, Kansas 20

Dushanbee Tea House

one of the BEST SURPRISES in Boulder………the architecture, the atmosphere, and the ”’ZEN”’ of Boulder places to eat…………of course if you want to be like the Yuppies of Boulder, stand in line for a few hours OUTSIDE of Lucilles to act like you are somebody……….and then FRASCA if you have RESERVATIONS PRE opening…………..the FLAGSTAFF HOUSE if your daddy does NOT have to report his expense account to a CFO…………the CORK if you like getting gouged on STEAK…………..the MEDITERRANEAN if you like sitting for a few hours before being served………..

ME????????? MY FAVORITE PLACE??????????? Trei Lings on the Hill………..$1.09 a SCOOP and in and out!