Thursday Drunks

there is a BRAND NEW phenomenom occurring with our out of control CU Drinking Students——–ignoring any traffic signal! Love the way when they DRINK , they just totally IGNORE any “”DO NOT WALK”””” sign and just walk out in front of a 25 mile per hour Taxi!
Somebody is going to get HURT if they dont watch themselves!! ALL DRIVERS be very VERY CAREFUL!!! ITS Dangerous out there to drive with IDIOTS on every corner!

CU Stupidity in Frats almost Kills Nine

well, NINE alcohol POISONINGS were reported at Boulder Community Hospital over the weekend—–When will these “”children” ever wake up and GROW UP?????????? There is a serious DIFFERENCE between the ”’college Experience”’ and trying to pour LIQUOUR down some obnoxious drunken beyond help drunken girl…………….Please FRATS, GROW UP and act like GENTLEMEN and ADULTS before you kill some innocent bystander at a Party!

At LEAST they were taken to the EMERGENCY ROOM instead of left to die/sleep it off laying on the floor!!! Congrats on that AT LEAST!!!!

The 1400 Pound ELK in Estes Park

got a late night trip to Estes Park and you are ALWAYS worried about wildlife running in front of the car when driving the mountain roads at night but HERE comes a BULLDOZER ELK down the highway as I do the Mario Andretti Avoidance Crash Manuever swirving in and out of ELK like a Skateboarders surfs Tin Cans lined up in the road…………….needless to say, the dude in the back seat needed a DRINK after that hair raising MISS!!!


Cherry Hills Country Club

I got a chance to drive some misplaced Golf Clubs down to Cherry Hills Country Club Golf Course last evening and was that a “””PLACE””” where I felt like a Fish out of Water!!! Geeez, NOBODY at Cherry Hills wondering where there next meal was coming from or the price of GASOLINE going to stop them from driving their Hummer or Lexus to the Mountains or anywhere!!!! I had NO IDEA of the amount of money around that Cherry Hills Country Club!!! Talk about IMPRESSED!!! and the BILL to go down and back???????? well, it was an EASY NIGHT for me after that!!!


City of Boulder has LOST the Hill

the merchants are DONE, GONE, and the “”HILL”” is going to be a crossroads mall Part TWO in less than a year’s time………..last night, on a Thursday, there was NOBODY on the hill at about 11pm till I left at 1:30 am…………its OVER if your a MERCHANT on the HILL and the City of Boulder has just created another DESERTED NON PRODUCING revenue sales tax area!! Congrats City of Boulder——-you won!!!!


Horrible Cab Biz Lately with RITA

the PRICE of Gasoline is going to go up…………folks are NOT spending due to the “”Hurricane Hangover”’ and watching this WALL of WATER coming back to New Orleans is about ”’sickening”!
I am hoping the BEST but realizing the Worst…………….somebody tell 9th Ward and St Bernard Parish in New Orleans that they are DONE and its OVER for those areas………………that LAKE will just spill over and FLOOD forever…………Please, somebody figure out that UNDER SEA LEVEL is not the place to rebuild!!!


City of Boulder DESTROYING the HILL

its a sad shame that the City of Boulder is DESTROYING a tradition and a viral college economic zone in the “”HILL””! In an effort to CURB Drinking off campus, the HILL has been targeted to be the ”Ticket” Zone and all kids drinking on the HILL are being given tickets for Minor IN Possession or Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor………..its SAD for the merchants cause the kids are NOT stupid, they are just MOVING AWAY from the Hill Area and taking their MONEY and their FREINDS to other parts of the town!!! Parties along ASH and LASHLEY getting popular and NOISY……..partying along Pearl Street increasing……….its about MONEY and the MERCHANTS on the HILL who are losing their Shirts!!!

Going through the Hill on THURSDAY night (always a VERY BIG night out for CU STUDENTS) showed MOST businesses were CLOSED and ABANDONED at 12 midnight……………..the SINK closed at Midnight on a Thursday?????????????? Unheard of behaviour!!!! Congrats to CITY OF BOULDER for ruining a good vibrant economic area like CrossRoads MALL come to mind????????????????

its ONLY a matter of TIME before alot of MERCHANTS on the HILL just LIKE Liguana and Tulagis just CLOSE and SHUTTER their DOORS!!!!!!!!!!!!! and all of that ””’Sales TAX”’ Revenue, can we say CrossRoads Mall Part TWO?????????????


Business Folks back in Boulder

Glad to see some business folks ”’traveling” again and back in Boulder! I paid $2.88 and about CHEERED for JOY on only having to pay that MUCH! Got an ”errand” run tomorrow——–got 40 miles in on the bike and was dreaming of moving to Steamboat again…………..WHY does that DREAM continue to come UP for me???????


$3 Gallon Gas and the Economy

worst Thursday night EVER on record for driving a Taxi Cab in Boulder and the past four days have been HORRIBLE as people feel the effects of GAS at $3 per gallon and post Katrinna Hangover!
IF this continues, the ECONOMY is going to TANK and I mean TANK!


Another Home CU Football Game

seems the Students will get plenty of pre game DRINKING before the game considering it does NOT start till 8pm for TV Money! a Half Time Fireworks show is planned around 10:00 and the final horn will NOT blow till around MIDNIGHT!!!!!!! This will be the TEST of whether Boulder CU students can and will drink responsibly!! I sure hope so!!!!!! North Texas State is the victim, I mean OPPONENT going before the LIONS and ROMANS!!!!!!!

CU 48, North Texas 10