Boulder Taxi and Cabs

when calling for a Taxi or CAB in Boulder, Colorado, it will help you to just call a cabbie Directly! Our Cell Phones do work much better in Boulder than a central dispatch in Denver where the person answering the phone has likely NEVER even been in Boulder! We care about your transportation needs and want your experience to be pleaseant and enjoyable while visiting Boulder or going to school at CU!!!! Call and make yourself known if you find this BLOG ENTRY on my Taxi Cab in Boulder…….303 641 7829


Bypassing the Long Lines at DIA

those that ride with me in the Taxi to DIA get to hear about Skywalk Flyover to A Concourse and avoid those THOUSANDS of sheep in lines up to a mile long at the check in to DIA! MOST dont even know that they can bypass the lines at DIA but those riding with me can and DO hear about Skywalk Flyover A to Concourse A to bypass the long lines! Now, if I could get GAS to go lower, I would have a happy life!


the CU students return this week!!!!!!!! HIP HIP HOOOOOOORAY!!!!!

Crocs Rock Boulder and Jibbitz

ok, WHAT is Crocs you ask???????? Look no further than Ben Afleck and Jennifer Garner’s feet! CROCS are the hottest thing since ””PEACE SIGNS”” and now arrives on the Planet Boulder to rock the Crocs! What is its AMAZING what the TOFU Prairie Dog loving Boulder Folks can come up with!!!!!!! Rock on Crocs and rocks the Crocs~!


Rising Gas Prices Killing the Taxi Drivers

the PUC sets the rates for RATES that Taxi’s can charge……….UPS, FedEX, Airlines , etc etc can all just raise their prices and surcharges…………, PIZZA DELIVERY is charging a .50 cents PER PIE SURCHARGE like it costs them another DOLLAR to deliver 2 pies vs the one pie…………basically, they are subsidizing the DELIVERY DRIVERS pocket and IF HE delivers 4 pies to one address, he gets to pocket another $2 for the Delivery! The PUC of Colorado sets our RATES………our prices are the same at $1.35 per gallon as the $2.59 I paid for Gasoline last night! THIS SUCKS!


Cab Driver Turns in Tennessee Fugitives

there probably should be some national service where Cab Drivers can and do call Police when SUSPICIOUS characters get into our cars and their story is just plain bs……….I loved the time a VERY NICELY dressed lady who was picked up at a VERY NICE NEIGHBORHOOD in Boulder told me she was going to meet a girlfreind at the Super 8 Slum Hotel in Boulder………..right away, I became seriously suspicious cause NO woman would wear what she was wearing in broad daylight to meet a girlfreind at such a sleezy hotel…………FUNNIEST thing, here we pull up and SHE sites her HUSBAND coming out of the room at Super 8 and SHE was going to go there to ”’Meet” a guy herself…………..Blind Kharmic Justice at its finest! And, SHE had the NERVE to cuss her husband for running around on HER as she admitted SHE was going to meet a GUY herself! You get the FLOWERS of what seeds you sew in life!


Your Own Personal Cabbie in Boulder

Having MY cell phone number(303 641-7829) in your Cell Phone is the only way to get your own personal cab when it turns cold and snowy this winter for CU Students! Usually, if you put MY PHONE number in under ”’TaxiKeith””, its easy to get ahold of me during the Winter Semester! I can barely wait for ”THIRSTY Thursdays”’ to get here cause Thursday nights are always the BEST for CU STUDENTS!! And, PLEASE do NOT Drink and Drive…….you will get a DUI and it is like a bad sexual disease where it sticks with ya for LIFE and you never ever get rid of the DUI on your Court Records!! Just say “””NO””” to Drinking and Driving Please!!!! The LIFE YOU SAVE may be your own or mine!


Getting a Taxi in Boulder to DIA

Grabbing a Taxi in Boulder to go to Denver can be as simple as calling 303 641 7829! Speak with a Driver who cares about DELIVERING PROFESSIONAL transportation service and can deliver you safely to DIA on time and on schedule! I pride myself on customer service and professionalism and have never missed a flight even due to WEATHER and Blizzards and SNOW! WE deliver you WHEN you want to be there ‘””IF”” you can plan a little in advance and give me time to work my magic!
CU Students are coming this week and its going to be a very busy week here in Boulder!

got a great intro to a very NEAT company that tracks the BUZZ on the internet called “”””. BlogPulse is all about figuring out who is hitting WHAT and who is reading what and the race for the next internet .com .Explosion begins! GOOGLE ????????? SKYPE????? Who will win the next Internet Race to the stars.???????????


Internet Searches for Taxi in Boulder

My quest to get the internet to deliver business to my doorstep is working when someone searches for Boulder Taxi or Boulder Cab, up pops “””’! Its amazing how search engines gather TAGS and HEADERS and key words like ”Taxi in Boulder” or “”Boulder Cab”” and up I pop!


Taxi Trips from Boulder to DIA

A Boulder Taxi is very easy to get to take you to Denver International Airport or any other Destination around Colorado! I am hoping you will call ME to arrange your trips and excursions. Using the INTERNET, you can SEARCH ‘”””Boulder Taxi”’ or “”Boulder Cab” and Up I pop on the Search!
Hoping to hear from you soon to go to DIA!


PS Ski season in almost two months with Beaver Creek and Breckenridge BOTH adding NEW HIGH speed chairs!