Wedding Crashers

the movie might be funny but the wedding taking place in Boulder last night had to be the LOGISTICAL NIGHTMARE of the century………….a rehersal party in Boulder…… EARLY 10am wedding in Estes Park, and then a 12pm reception back in Boulder…………….WHO were those IDIOTS that tried the logistics nightmare wedding of the century????????? GOT to love folks having a wedding around the facility schedules instead of thier own timetables and the reception had to be fit in between two others for ‘””TIMING””””!!! But, the best one is the 11am Sunday wedding this Sunday…………yep, we HAVE WEDDINGS in Boulder to fit the facilities versus the bride or the groom!

Wedding Crasher Skibare

Buster from Wisconsin

I promised to make the DEBUT of Buster to the world………….riding in from Wisconsin and sporting Cheese and Flowers for his Boulder Debut to the world, Buster busted out onto the Boulder Scene last night and dined at the Boulder Chop House, got to watch the ZIP CODE MAN’s show, and basically hung with all the Beautiful People of Boulder!!!! Buster promised NOT to grow up playing football for CU and instead, will probably be headed to Madison to play for the Cheeseheads! Buster, I hope to be famous like you one day!!!! Cheese RULES!!!