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July 28, 2005

What Makes us SMILE

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>The sacred is discovered in what moves and touches us,
>in what makes us tremble.
>-Sam Keen


The Good , The BAD, and the UGLY

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Somedays driving a cab in Boulder is like Poker………you draw a few bad cards and you know you should FOLD and go Home but you stick around to get MORE bad cards and lose more money! YES, you LOSE money going to work some days driving a Cab in Boulder! How do you Lose???? Its like Poker, you start with the cards you are given and hope for an ACE on the river or the FLOP!
Last night, I got the WORST CARDS and the cards only got more rotten as the night went along! I think I made enough in 7 hours to buy a can of pork and beans at King Soopers IF the can was on SALE! HORRIBLE dont even begin to describe the change in my pocket! Some days GREAT, some days GOOD, some days OK, and then there was that night like last night called the “”””NIGHT OF THE FLOATING TURD”””………………….yes, it was a BAD NIGHT to be driving a Cab in Boulder!


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