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July 23, 2005

Yellow Cab in Boulder

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getting a yellow cab in Boulder should be very easy but despite my attempts to educate the public on the easiest way of getting a Yellow Cab in Boulder is the Cell Phone direct line, I continue to hear horror stories of waiting for a Taxi Cab in Boulder……………dial the CELL PHONE DIRECT number the driver gives you to bypass Dispatch and the Que waiting online on HOLD!



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the ‘””MARS PEOPLE ”’ come to Boulder next week for one of the Whacky Conferences ever where the MARS people actually and truly think they will put one of their own on the planet MARS. Got to get my aluminum tinfoil Hat and matching antennaes ready for the ”MARS” people and will probably be wearing all BLACK to salute ”’Scottie”’ Beam ME UP Captain Kirk in memory………….


Record Heat in Boulder, Colorado

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For those trying to escape the HEAT from where ever you live, WELCOME to the BAKING DISH called Boulder, Colorado! RECORD HEAT with temperatures over 100 degrees for the last six days and another baking day today is forecasted!! Dive into Boulder Creek or rent one of the intertubes to float the Creek to cool off. NOTHING like some SNOW and FREEZING TEMPERATURES to keep my butt from melting in the YELLOW CAB BAKING DISH!


PS got a chuckle as a lady at Tantra Lake referred to me as the “”Naked Cab Driver”’…..the ”Skibare”’ handle stuck from my escapades as a Ski Patroller from the ”Tuesday Toga Parties” we use to throw at Wintergreen Ski Resort near Charlottesville Virginia where skiing is almost an oxymoron word and Virginia Weather!

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