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July 17, 2005

Boulder Farmers Market

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great cherries, excellent veggies and the BEST Balsamic Vinagarette Salad Dressing at the Farmers Market which is done on Saturday AM and Wednesday evenings at 13th and Canyon in Downtown Boulder!
Excellent ”People Watching”’ and the lovers along the creek were the ENVY of the World! Everyone having FUN, SUN, and Good Times! Who needs to WORK when you can go to Farmers Market?????????


Mountain Bike Riding in Boulder

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Boulder Colorado has so many city park trails around Boulder and if one is NOT careful, one can take a “”HEADER”” and get scraped up or hurt!!! I observed this beautiful lady taking a ””HEAD over Handlebars”’ after falling asleep DREAMING of things she was going to do to him afterwards………….

its what you call “””Falling Head over Handlebars”” for someone! Be Careful riding and ALWAYS wear a helmet !


PS KUDOS for “”KING SOOPERS””———-GREAT Place to SHOP, relax, or just “”MINGLE”” !

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