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July 7, 2005

WW II Veteran Marriage Celebration

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it was my HONOR to carry a WW II Bomber Pilot and his lovely wife to visit freinds and go out for dinner last night to celebrate their 58th Wedding Anniversary! A Prisoner of War in Germany whose bomber was shot out of the air over Germany, he DEFINETLY had some words of Wisdom to live by for those wondering HOW to LIVE and HOW to LOVE and HOW to Celebrate Life! CRESTED BUTTE, HERE I come!!!!!! I always wanted to visit Crested Butte and walk among the flowers and just take in Natures Beauty!!!!! Do we LIVE to WORK or WORK TO LIVE???????
I choose to Work to LIVE……..Black Forest of the Gunnison Canyon here I come!!!!!!


Travel and Tourism in Boulder

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Getting around in Boulder is very easy by Taxi……..especially IF you call my Cell Phone number!
with the bombing in London, I always WORRY about being in the travel biz and the global travel to Boulder during the summer! WE get alot of tourists into Boulder during the summer and alot of Weddings and Conventions……….like the MARS People who bring 5000 to Boulder every summer expecting to put a man onto MARS……………yep, ONLY in Boulder types for sure!
My heart goes out to the families and casualities of London and the Disruption this bombing attack will create on all families and jobs and travel/hotel/service industries globally! Lets HOPE and PRAY this comes to an end soon!!!!


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