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July 5, 2005

Boulder Ski Deals

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bought a NEW pair of Technica Ski Boots for the up and coming season at Boulder Ski Deals. speaking of Boulder Ski Deals, the AMAZING SUMMER TENT SALE is this weekend at BSD!!! Get ready for the PowPow Season with the right equipment at the right place……….BSD!


Sushi Zanmai and Mountain Sun Pub

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wow, what a GREAT Fourth of July party held by Sushi Zanmai and Mountain Sun Pub in Boulder this July 4th! I am not sure any of the party goers “”knew” the theme of the party or even cared as long as the beer flowed an the food was free!!! Those two resturants KNOW how to treat their employees an faithful customers to a great time! Hats off to the “””Boulder Resevoir Rump Rangers””” and the Girls of the Busstop for some fun rides!

Fireworks???????? Well, I did NOT have time to stop to watch fireworks……..too many DRUNKS who surely needed a ride home to take care of FIRST !


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