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Boulder to DIA - $79

July 3, 2005

“Taxi in Boulder, Colorado”

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I hope that you will choose MY CAB service for all your needs and pleasure while touring in Colorado or researching or going to University of Colorado! Having lived here since 1988, I KNOW the Republic of Boulder like a good Tofu Stir Fry! Want a Great RED MEAT steak in Boulder??????? Go to the Boulder Cork! Want to hear some juicy Flagstaff Restaurant stories????
Mork and Mindy?????????? CROCS story??????


Yahoo is picking me UP Number one but I got to work on GOOGLE and those damn paying Adworks programs!

“Boulder Taxi and Google”"

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in yahoo, “”boulder Taxi” makes me Number one………in google, you have to PAY to play……….Jeff Google and their adworks program of paying to play!


NetFlix Marketing

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How does a Cab Driver from Boulder become an online Marketing Guru?????????

Stick around and watch me Fly!!!!!!!! How did Corey Rudl take $25 and become a $12 Million a year marketing machine??????? How can one get a FREE site and make money in “”"”VOIP”"”?????


Boulder Yellow Cab

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with the internet, its AMAZING what you can do with a little insight into HOW the internet works……….I give advice on everything from VOIP, Camera Phones, Skiing, Living in Boulder and HOW to lose your A$$ in the Stock Market!!!

Trust me , I DO know how to lose big!


Boulder Yellow Cab Safe Driver Award

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I wear my HAT PROUDLY that I received from Yellow Cab and some lady asked me the other night ”””HOW did you win that”"?>???? I smugly replied “”"I have NOT killed anyone ……….YET”"”

Actually, you MUST be accident free and that means also ”avoiding” the idiot DRUNKS who run into you even though YOU did NOTHING wrong…………Driving DEFENSIVELY about 11PM on a Saturday Night when everyone else is drinking and driving takes on NEW MEANING when the life you save MAY be your own!!!


Boulder Yellow CAB

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IF you type in “”Boulder Taxi” or Boulder Yellow Cab’ or Boulder CAB, guess who pops UP Number ONE in the world?????????

Yep , the Internet is one amazing marketing machine!!!!!! I would LIKE to think its cause I am NUMBER ONE Cabbie in World! Ok, I will settle for “”BOULDER CABBIE of the Year Award”"”


Boulder Wedding Transportation

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Last night, I was the WEDDING TRANSPORTATION Director and many thanks to Liz and the Chicago gang from the Marriott for making my night to Chitaqua Park!! The Macadamia Cookies were the HIT of my night!! THANKS!

Alot of wedding parties try and use BIG BUSSES but Big Busses only run when they are FULL and not very nimble to get around to those back street areas around Pearl Street! My hats OFF to LIZ for the Vouchers and payment system set up by Yellow CAB where nobody in the party paid and the voucher was handed to the driver and he got paid and everyone arrived HAPPY and got to enjoy alot of Cocktails!!! Pretty Work Liz!