Wedding Crashers

the movie might be funny but the wedding taking place in Boulder last night had to be the LOGISTICAL NIGHTMARE of the century………….a rehersal party in Boulder…… EARLY 10am wedding in Estes Park, and then a 12pm reception back in Boulder…………….WHO were those IDIOTS that tried the logistics nightmare wedding of the century????????? GOT to love folks having a wedding around the facility schedules instead of thier own timetables and the reception had to be fit in between two others for ‘””TIMING””””!!! But, the best one is the 11am Sunday wedding this Sunday…………yep, we HAVE WEDDINGS in Boulder to fit the facilities versus the bride or the groom!

Wedding Crasher Skibare

Buster from Wisconsin

I promised to make the DEBUT of Buster to the world………….riding in from Wisconsin and sporting Cheese and Flowers for his Boulder Debut to the world, Buster busted out onto the Boulder Scene last night and dined at the Boulder Chop House, got to watch the ZIP CODE MAN’s show, and basically hung with all the Beautiful People of Boulder!!!! Buster promised NOT to grow up playing football for CU and instead, will probably be headed to Madison to play for the Cheeseheads! Buster, I hope to be famous like you one day!!!! Cheese RULES!!!


University of Michigan

the beauty of driving a cab is its sometimes like getting on an airplane and telling a complete stranger your history, story, and sometimes even the most painful of experiences to a complete stranger………..last evening, I shared with a complete stranger the story of my EX throwing my Mtn Bike over a Cliff in Taos after I suggested she get some help in Drug/Alcohol therapy……………..this person shared with me the SAD story of her partner dying in her arms on the Paris subway…………..and I told her about the kids of Santa Maria Orphanage and CROCS……………

Sometimes Life is about SHARING and learning from others…………funniest story was Jennifer Gardner and Ben Afleck in Boulder shooting a Movie………..Jennifer bought 16 pairs of CROCS so this person had to also have some CROCS for the family……………..thought it was funny they dressed some ”’extra’s” up in Climbing Gear and Skateboards as if Boulder needs any more hippies on Skateboards or carrying climbing gear…………the World of Boulder and all its strange peculiar synergies!


The Good , The BAD, and the UGLY

Somedays driving a cab in Boulder is like Poker………you draw a few bad cards and you know you should FOLD and go Home but you stick around to get MORE bad cards and lose more money! YES, you LOSE money going to work some days driving a Cab in Boulder! How do you Lose???? Its like Poker, you start with the cards you are given and hope for an ACE on the river or the FLOP!
Last night, I got the WORST CARDS and the cards only got more rotten as the night went along! I think I made enough in 7 hours to buy a can of pork and beans at King Soopers IF the can was on SALE! HORRIBLE dont even begin to describe the change in my pocket! Some days GREAT, some days GOOD, some days OK, and then there was that night like last night called the “”””NIGHT OF THE FLOATING TURD”””………………….yes, it was a BAD NIGHT to be driving a Cab in Boulder!


Flagstaff House Restaurant

I took the nicest family up the “”FLAG”” last evening and the VIEW from there is just to die for!! Of course when you get the BILL, you will probably DIE again so double Death Chocolate is the recommended dessert!
A View to DIE for and a Coronary when you get the BILL!


Dennis Rodman at the St Julien Hotel

The BAD BOY of Basketball was at the St Julien Hotel last evening! Good Ole Dennis Rodman and his tattoo’s and body piercing fit right into the Boulder Night life………..can’t wait to hear the stories of where and HOW much partying went on at the St Julien!


Broadway High School Class of 1975 Class Reunion

Sadly, I will miss the Broadway High School Class of 1975 Reunion for our 30th Class Reunion on October 8th with a HOME FOOTBALL game scheduled at CU on that same weekend! Missing a HOME WEEKEND Football Game is like missing a free Buffett of Food !!! “” When the hay is on the ground, you got to Bale it …….””” my granddaddy would say……………I will miss ALL my ole Class Mates and would lay bets on ALOT of ole stories being told! Johnny Baker, DH Atchison and I drank ourselves silly the first Class Reunion………Karen Ward took top honors for HOTTEST NEW BABE at the last one………..will Mary Jo show is the side bet????????


Boulder Outlook Hotel

One of the nicest NON CHAIN hotels in Boulder is going to give a chance to provide their transportation services a chance to make their guests HAPPY and Moving! The Outlook Hotel was a Radisson with upgraded rooms and the entire hotel remodeled! Great Value for the money and a pool inside with Pool Tables, Full Restaurant, and Bar/Lounge service……..Welcome to the Boulder Outlook Hotel!


Yellow Cab in Boulder

getting a yellow cab in Boulder should be very easy but despite my attempts to educate the public on the easiest way of getting a Yellow Cab in Boulder is the Cell Phone direct line, I continue to hear horror stories of waiting for a Taxi Cab in Boulder……………dial the CELL PHONE DIRECT number the driver gives you to bypass Dispatch and the Que waiting online on HOLD!