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June 22, 2005

She Male Traithlon in Boulder

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Saw a woman who was CHISELED and I mean ROCK SOLID unbeleivable chisel and I am sure she was one of those “”PRO” Triathlon types……

got to give a few plugs in for SERVICES and FOOD that is worth mentioning!!! My website was made by a very GOOD webman from Colorado State University………..yea, he IS a RAM but we wont hold that against him since he does SUCH GREAT WORK!!!!!! THANKS JAMES!!!! and if anybody wants his email address for future work, please let me know!!!

BEST FOOD I have in Boulder was at WOK and ROLL on 28th and Valmont ……….the NEW MANGO SALSA Chicken was to die for!@!!! AWESOME stuff! Cheap and Healthy, just the way we CAB DRIVERS like it!!!!!!!!


June 20, 2005

Monday June 20th Autistic Child

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For those of you who think your troubles are LARGE and your problems are even BIGGER, well, I today have seen the toughest job in America today—Being the parent of an autistic child! I picked them up at the Grocery Store and the girl is always quite alot to deal with usually! Today, I gave her some groceries to carry and she was a very happy child! My HAT is off to you MOM’s or Dad’s of Autistic children!!! Va Tech Hokie with a Broken Leg, Bahrain CPA candidate, and some miscellaneous others to make a nice quiet Monday!!! Thanks to the nice guy going to Eben G Fine Park!! You made my Shift!!!!

Oprah Winfrey Quote on Limo’s

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got to love this quote from Oprah……….”””Lots of people love to ride with you in the Limo, what you want is somebody who will ride the Bus with you when the Limo Breaks””


maybe Oprah can ride in my TAXI??????

June 19, 2005

Social Life of a Cabbie

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those of us who drive at night BASICALLY have ZERO social life and we end up doing alot of things on our own so that “””WHEN”” the magic moment comes, we all look forward to whatever day off we have…………….and the special moments

sometimes our PLANS dont work out the way we would like but like the motivational books READ, those things worth having might take alot to achieve!!!!!!!!! Better Days are ahead ((I HOPE))

to those of you in the real world who ”’FORGET ” your cell phones or a cell Phone number, there are ”’GROVELING” things you can do to make up for the ”Stand UP””!!!!!!!!!

OFF to the Bike Ride……… will probably RAIN on me but like this day is going, somethings just dont work out the way you plan them! ITS all Good From Boulder!


Jesus at the Adult Book Store

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nothing like getting a message typed from my wireless interface in the cab that gives an address and location with a Message of ”'””JESUS at the Adult Book Store””…………turns out it was Hey Zeus in pronunciation but just another thing of driving a CAB that makes you go “””WHAT”” is the ZEN in driving a Cab????????

Slow night last night in Boulder……..must be the HEAT!!

June 18, 2005

Pearl Street Mall

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my favorite thing to do in Boulder is ”PEOPLE WATCH”” on the Pearl Street Mall! IF the ”ZipCode Man”” is doing his street entertainment, its a SHOW you must take in!

Best Boulder Restaurant

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the Mediteranean on the patio would be my favorite in the summer……….the Boulder Cork is tops on food in my book and the Chitaqua Dining Hall for that lazy meal you always dreamed about while having the view of a Lifetime!

Great Chinese is Tra Lings on the Hill for the Cheap and EAT , we got BETTER things to do that spend alot of money while we would rather be out on Pearl Street Mall

Favorite Things to do in Boulder

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Hiking on Mt Sanitas………Hiking at Chitaqua Park

Biking up Poor Mans Road or Four Mile Canyon or Sunshine Canyon or the Ride to Jamestown and the funky little cafe IN Jamestown to have a bite!! If you have the time and energy and can bike to Lyons along US 36 with a nice wide SAFE Shoulder, there are great cafe’s and places in Lyons to Eat!!!!

Driving a Cab in Boulder

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Obviously , its NOT your normal Lush Benefits and normal hours but Boulder is NOT your normal type city or town either!! Its more like “”its an ADVENTURE vs being a J O B ! Nothing is normal about Boulder and there is definetly NOTHING normal about driving a cab in Boulder!!!!
But, we DO get alot of skiing in every year God willing and the Snow keeps flying!

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