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June 28, 2005

Yellow Cab and Yellow CROCS’

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for those of you NOT familiar with CROCS, the sandals from Boulder that feel like feathers on your feet, you MUST own a pair or two of CROC’s!!!!!!!! Best damn shoe I ever have had on my feet……….almost like wearing nothing on your feet they are so light and comfortable!

Wok and Roll gets HIGH FIVES for the new MANGO SALSA Chicken……….spicey and bold with a Mango Tangy sauce!!!!!!!! YUMMY!

Today was hot as Haiti in the cab but the air conditioner was saving my Bacon from melting! Hallelujiah to DREW and the mechanics at the shop!!!!!!!!

and we MUST mention the “”LIBERATOR””……….Lovely Libby comes from a family of folks who work for Super Shuttle /Boulder Yellow Cab and the LIBERATOR will liberate all your vouchers and cash out of your pockets!


Driving Intoxicated in Boulder

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Sadly, the Cabbies of Boulder get to find out WHO has been caught in Boulder for Drinking and Driving………..we go to the Boulder Jail alot and have to take home the ”caught” DUI folks………..then, all the classes and all the ARC Breathalyzer Tests and the trips here and there where the caught ones have NO LICENSE!!!!

Warning to ALL………….DO NOT DRINK and DRIVE in Boulder……….its like shooting fish in a Barrel for the Police of Boulder!!!!!!! Just say “””NO”” to getting behind the wheel IF you have had a drink……… Boulder, its .05 which is basically MORE than one drink in an hour!

DUI can cost you dearly and WE of Yellow CAB would like you to know that you will be caught in Boulder for Drinking and Driving one of these days………….we REALLY dont want your business that Badly! Happy to drive you WHEN caught but just say “”NO”” to Drinking and Driving……….its ONE degree you do NOT want to be awarded at University of Colorado!


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