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June 26, 2005

Skype Interviews and CROCS

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the Taxi Cab is a very appropriatte place to QUESTION and interview folks about ””TRENDS”’ and what happens around the world……….NOBODY I had in my Taxi had even HEARD of SKYPE………yet , 125 million downloads and 10 BILLION Minutes of Telephone Time have been used by Skypers and yet NOBODY in Boulder had a clue of what SKYPE is or does!

Now, if you COMBINE the ”’TREND”” of CROCS and the ability of SKYPE to make free phone calls, this would be like MacDonalds with your Big MAC coming out with a Skype and Fries!

MARKETING is the key of Life!!

to those Georgia School Teachers of the Catholic Church in Atlanta=======I do HOPE you follow up with some projects around Santa Maria Orphanage…………I know, a Cab Driver who talks “”VOIP, Skype, CROCS, and an Orphanage in Mexico”””””” all in one………ONLY in Boulder!


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