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June 25, 2005

Taxi Cab Confessions

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everyone thinks driving a cab is like the MTV TV SHOW “”””Taxi Cab Confessions”’!!!!! Well, hate to BUST your fantasies but the job is NOTHING like that show Thank GOD!!!!!!!! People in Boulder are fun, Upbeat, and Jovial and HAPPY to be going drinking but NOTHING like those scripted TV Ridiculous shows in Vegas……….what goes on in Vegas STAYS in Vegas!!!!!!!!

Favorite Questions from Passengers to ASK Cab Drivers in Boulder………and TRUST ME, we have heard the same questions for years……..I may even get a “”CLIFF NOTE VERSION typed up”
1. How long you been driving a Taxi?????
2. Is driving a Taxi a Fun Job??????
3. Whats your Craziest Story driving a Cab?????? (of course I tell them about the DOUBLE PUKE Sushi Queens from CU )

ooooops, THAT story really brings driving a cab down to reality and BUSTS their bubble of this glorious wonderful occupation that most Taxi Drivers do enjoy!!!!!!


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