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June 24, 2005

Gold Run Singers

Filed under: Highlights — Skibare @ 11:22 pm

Mark and the HOO HOO Mick Jagger Singers definetly ROCKED the HOUSE on singing………Mick Jagger is just NOT the same without the “”HOOOO HOOOO Duo ”’ belting out the JAMS!!!!

Todd and the Styr Babes were looking like a million! Styr is about the only place to dance in Boulder at night—Two things missing in Boulder are good live Music……….and a big dance place beside the Foundry Meat Market!

Lawyer from Georgia was the NICEST lawyer I ever met====it must SUCK to tell someone your a LAWYER knowing full well when you google “””Lawyer”’ it comes up with AS$HOLES and EXTORTION JERK links! She was a true southern Georgia Belle!

Nebraska folks sure were nice also——–and the Wedding party from Mizzou!!!!!! AS you can tell, I take this job WAYYYYYYYYYYYY too Seriously, even the “”Stevie Wonder Cab Driving Tricks””’!!!!!!! Enjoy the Wedding and the RED LION INN!! AWESOME place for a Wedding!


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