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June 22, 2005

Vonage Phone Service

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got to love a Cabbie being able to ”Pitch” the sales pitch about VONAGE while the captive audience is basically ””LOCKED ”’ inside my cab! The banner at the top will take you to the sign up site!


Transportation Boulder to VAIL

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some days when you get paid to drive to Vail, its an awesome JOB!!!!!!!!! The beauty of the Vail Valley in the Summer is just plain breathtaking!!!!!!! And Dillon Resevoir was FULL and overflowing for the first time in five years!!!!!!! Mrs. P, THANK YOU! Arrowhead Resort at Vail is one of the most beautiful places in Colorado!


She Male Traithlon in Boulder

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Saw a woman who was CHISELED and I mean ROCK SOLID unbeleivable chisel and I am sure she was one of those “”PRO” Triathlon types……

got to give a few plugs in for SERVICES and FOOD that is worth mentioning!!! My website was made by a very GOOD webman from Colorado State University………..yea, he IS a RAM but we wont hold that against him since he does SUCH GREAT WORK!!!!!! THANKS JAMES!!!! and if anybody wants his email address for future work, please let me know!!!

BEST FOOD I have in Boulder was at WOK and ROLL on 28th and Valmont ……….the NEW MANGO SALSA Chicken was to die for!@!!! AWESOME stuff! Cheap and Healthy, just the way we CAB DRIVERS like it!!!!!!!!


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