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June 19, 2005

Social Life of a Cabbie

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those of us who drive at night BASICALLY have ZERO social life and we end up doing alot of things on our own so that “””WHEN”” the magic moment comes, we all look forward to whatever day off we have…………….and the special moments

sometimes our PLANS dont work out the way we would like but like the motivational books READ, those things worth having might take alot to achieve!!!!!!!!! Better Days are ahead ((I HOPE))

to those of you in the real world who ”’FORGET ” your cell phones or a cell Phone number, there are ”’GROVELING” things you can do to make up for the ”Stand UP””!!!!!!!!!

OFF to the Bike Ride……… will probably RAIN on me but like this day is going, somethings just dont work out the way you plan them! ITS all Good From Boulder!


Jesus at the Adult Book Store

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nothing like getting a message typed from my wireless interface in the cab that gives an address and location with a Message of ”'””JESUS at the Adult Book Store””…………turns out it was Hey Zeus in pronunciation but just another thing of driving a CAB that makes you go “””WHAT”” is the ZEN in driving a Cab????????

Slow night last night in Boulder……..must be the HEAT!!

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