Yellow Cab and Yellow CROCS’

for those of you NOT familiar with CROCS, the sandals from Boulder that feel like feathers on your feet, you MUST own a pair or two of CROC’s!!!!!!!! Best damn shoe I ever have had on my feet……….almost like wearing nothing on your feet they are so light and comfortable!

Wok and Roll gets HIGH FIVES for the new MANGO SALSA Chicken……….spicey and bold with a Mango Tangy sauce!!!!!!!! YUMMY!

Today was hot as Haiti in the cab but the air conditioner was saving my Bacon from melting! Hallelujiah to DREW and the mechanics at the shop!!!!!!!!

and we MUST mention the “”LIBERATOR””……….Lovely Libby comes from a family of folks who work for Super Shuttle /Boulder Yellow Cab and the LIBERATOR will liberate all your vouchers and cash out of your pockets!


Driving Intoxicated in Boulder

Sadly, the Cabbies of Boulder get to find out WHO has been caught in Boulder for Drinking and Driving………..we go to the Boulder Jail alot and have to take home the ”caught” DUI folks………..then, all the classes and all the ARC Breathalyzer Tests and the trips here and there where the caught ones have NO LICENSE!!!!

Warning to ALL………….DO NOT DRINK and DRIVE in Boulder……….its like shooting fish in a Barrel for the Police of Boulder!!!!!!! Just say “””NO”” to getting behind the wheel IF you have had a drink……… Boulder, its .05 which is basically MORE than one drink in an hour!

DUI can cost you dearly and WE of Yellow CAB would like you to know that you will be caught in Boulder for Drinking and Driving one of these days………….we REALLY dont want your business that Badly! Happy to drive you WHEN caught but just say “”NO”” to Drinking and Driving……….its ONE degree you do NOT want to be awarded at University of Colorado!


Skype Interviews and CROCS

the Taxi Cab is a very appropriatte place to QUESTION and interview folks about ””TRENDS”’ and what happens around the world……….NOBODY I had in my Taxi had even HEARD of SKYPE………yet , 125 million downloads and 10 BILLION Minutes of Telephone Time have been used by Skypers and yet NOBODY in Boulder had a clue of what SKYPE is or does!

Now, if you COMBINE the ”’TREND”” of CROCS and the ability of SKYPE to make free phone calls, this would be like MacDonalds with your Big MAC coming out with a Skype and Fries!

MARKETING is the key of Life!!

to those Georgia School Teachers of the Catholic Church in Atlanta=======I do HOPE you follow up with some projects around Santa Maria Orphanage…………I know, a Cab Driver who talks “”VOIP, Skype, CROCS, and an Orphanage in Mexico”””””” all in one………ONLY in Boulder!


Taxi Cab Confessions

everyone thinks driving a cab is like the MTV TV SHOW “”””Taxi Cab Confessions”’!!!!! Well, hate to BUST your fantasies but the job is NOTHING like that show Thank GOD!!!!!!!! People in Boulder are fun, Upbeat, and Jovial and HAPPY to be going drinking but NOTHING like those scripted TV Ridiculous shows in Vegas……….what goes on in Vegas STAYS in Vegas!!!!!!!!

Favorite Questions from Passengers to ASK Cab Drivers in Boulder………and TRUST ME, we have heard the same questions for years……..I may even get a “”CLIFF NOTE VERSION typed up”
1. How long you been driving a Taxi?????
2. Is driving a Taxi a Fun Job??????
3. Whats your Craziest Story driving a Cab?????? (of course I tell them about the DOUBLE PUKE Sushi Queens from CU )

ooooops, THAT story really brings driving a cab down to reality and BUSTS their bubble of this glorious wonderful occupation that most Taxi Drivers do enjoy!!!!!!


Boulder to Rocky Mountain Park

I keep hoping for an ESTES PARK or Rocky Mountain Park sight seeing trip……….to get paid to drive around Estes would be ideal and a FANTASY come true! So, if your googling “””Rocky Mountain Park”’ and wondering HOW to get there from Boulder to Estes Park, THIS is why I have the website!


Gold Run Singers

Mark and the HOO HOO Mick Jagger Singers definetly ROCKED the HOUSE on singing………Mick Jagger is just NOT the same without the “”HOOOO HOOOO Duo ”’ belting out the JAMS!!!!

Todd and the Styr Babes were looking like a million! Styr is about the only place to dance in Boulder at night—Two things missing in Boulder are good live Music……….and a big dance place beside the Foundry Meat Market!

Lawyer from Georgia was the NICEST lawyer I ever met====it must SUCK to tell someone your a LAWYER knowing full well when you google “””Lawyer”’ it comes up with AS$HOLES and EXTORTION JERK links! She was a true southern Georgia Belle!

Nebraska folks sure were nice also——–and the Wedding party from Mizzou!!!!!! AS you can tell, I take this job WAYYYYYYYYYYYY too Seriously, even the “”Stevie Wonder Cab Driving Tricks””’!!!!!!! Enjoy the Wedding and the RED LION INN!! AWESOME place for a Wedding!


Gold Lake Resort

What an incredible Colorado resort for a Wedding! When you think of Colorado with the rustic cabins, the big high mountain lake an all the neat things around the lake for a wedding, THIS PLACE ROCKS!!!!!!! I got lucky and had a nice drive with a very nice guy in REAL ESTATE for JP Morgan!
Too bad I have missed the Real Estate “”BUBBLE” here in Boulder! Ward, Colorado is sure off the beaten path and Gold Lake Resort is definetly not a chi chi spa type resort======more of your RUSTIC CABIN around the big lake concept with awesome peaks and mountains in the background of Rocky Mountain National Park!


Thursday Nights in Boulder

usually the BUSIEST night of the week but last night nothing but bored and empty cabs sitting around gathering hemrhoids……………so, I went home and got some sleep!!!
The trip from JeffCo Airport to the Sheraton West in Denver was entertaining……..nothing like a Blonde relying on a cab driver to act like HE knows where he is going!!


Vonage Phone Service

got to love a Cabbie being able to ”Pitch” the sales pitch about VONAGE while the captive audience is basically ””LOCKED ”’ inside my cab! The banner at the top will take you to the sign up site!


Transportation Boulder to VAIL

some days when you get paid to drive to Vail, its an awesome JOB!!!!!!!!! The beauty of the Vail Valley in the Summer is just plain breathtaking!!!!!!! And Dillon Resevoir was FULL and overflowing for the first time in five years!!!!!!! Mrs. P, THANK YOU! Arrowhead Resort at Vail is one of the most beautiful places in Colorado!